232 Berkeley Avenue, Newark, NJ 07107
Sunday, October 7th, 8AM – 6PM
Bob Bonanno grew up in Nutley, NJ. It was in the basement of his parents’ home that, in 1973, at the age of fifteen, he first experimented with droplets of melted crayon. Since, Bonanno has been working with the medium to create pieces called “Meltings”. Bob has resided in Newark, NJ since 1987. His artwork has been reviewed in The Star-Ledger and The New York Times. He has been featured on News 12 NJ and in Weird New Jersey Magazine.

43 Bloomfield Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104
Sunday, October 7th, 3PM – 9PM: Open to the public
4:30PM – 6:30PM: Meet the Artists + Live Performances
Unboxed: Frames Of Mind: An art and poetry happening. Visit with artists Kervin Andre, T. Tre’es, Raphael Cuello, Kern Bruce, Jerry Gant, Linda Street, Mosaku, Inna Bolund, and Ikenna Chineme. The Cryout Cave was established to be a home for poetry, art, music, and culture for the talented residents of Newark who found themselves having to travel outside of the city to exhibit and grow their talents.

(103) Express Newark | HALSEY STREET NORTH
54 Halsey Street, Rooms 219 & 417, Newark, NJ 07102
Sunday, October 7th, 12PM – 5PM
Express Newark Artist in Residence Program(s): As a conceptual frame-work and an interdisciplinary learning space, Express Newark houses twenty-two resident artists. Visit David D. Oquendo (Room 219) at the Form Design Studio and Form Design Lab, a hub where academic research, course offerings, cross-disciplinary collaborations and community programming take place. Visit Genesis Tramaine (Room 417), a resident artist at Paul Robeson Galleries. PRG’s mission is carried out through visual arts exhibitions, education and public programs, and in partnerships with community organizations.

(104) Gallery Aferro Studios | MARKET STREET
73 Market Street, Newark, NJ 07101
Sunday, October 7th, 12PM – 5PM
Gallery Aferro Open Studios featuring artists: Anna Arcuri, Giacomo Colosi, Masakhane Center, John Matturi, Lisette Morel, Michael K. Taylor, Frederick Hayes, Gilbert Hsiao, Hal Laessig Yoland Laessig, Anne Q. McKeown, Mia Duran, Anne Dushanko Dobek, Tasha Lewis, Amanda Thackray, Ken Weathersby, Patricia Cazorla, Nancy Saleme, Juno Zago, and Dominique Duroseau.

(105) Index Art Center Studios | MARKET STREET
233 – 237 Washington Street. Newark, NJ 07102
Sunday, October 7, 12PM – 6PM
IAC’s Open Studios featuring artists: Patricia Dahlman, Diana Palermo, Fern and Fossil, Colleen Gutwein and Joseph O’Neal, Kevin Durkin and Jeff Koroski, ‘and / or’ Colin Shields, Jamie Bruno and Jenn Schwartz, Agnes Deja, Sally Helmi, Heidi Lorënz-Wettach Hussa, Peter Dougherty and Jillian Keats.

195 West Kinney St. Apt 206 Newark, NJ 07102
Sunday, October 7th, 1PM – 5PM
Featuring the work of M. Malcolm King (photographer, poet and playwright), Theodore Lawton ( filmmaker, photographer, and painter) and Sadee Brathwaite (artist, curator, and arts facilitator).

(107) Matt Enger Studio | GATEWAY/IRONBOUND
126 Pulaski Street Storefront, Newark NJ 07105
Sunday, October 7th, 12PM – 6PM
Matt Founded Exploding Sky Worldwide in 1990 with twin brother artist Mark Enger in New York’s Lower East Side. His work revolves around painting, drawing, screen printing, and installations, as well as limited edition apparel; t-shirts, jackets and art objects.

(108) Nell Painter Studio | GATEWAY/IRONBOUND
60-64 Union Street, Newark, NJ 07105 | Suite BF
Sunday, October 7th, 12PM – 7PM
Nell Painter (formerly known as the historian Nell Irvin Painter, author of The History of White People, Sojourner Truth, A Life, A Symbol, Creating Black Americans, and Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over, and the Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, Princeton University) lives and works in Newark, New Jersey. Painter’s work carries discursive as well as visual meaning, created through their characteristic manual + digital process. Using found images and digital manipulation; Painter reconfigures the past and revision of herself through self-portraits. After a life of historical truth and political engagement with American society, her artwork represents freedom.

2 Gateway Center, Newark, NJ 07102
Sunday, October 7th, 1PM – 5PM
PES Open Studios featuring artists: Adebumni Gbadebo, Amy Khoshbin, Andrew Sheldon, Angel Soltero, Anna Cone, Ceaphas Stubbs, Christen Clifford & Ventiko, Daniel Hibbert, Daniela Puliti, David Rios, Delano Dunn, Felipe Baeza, Gil Torres, Harvey Chan, Jasmine Figueroa & Qumaury Woulard, Jennifer Watson, Justin Francesco Dinspechin & Nick Luciano, Kambui Olujimi, Katherine Toukhy & Jennifer Coard, Kelly Ann Pinho, Kelly Vetter, Laura Marciniak, Lisa Sanders, Noreen Heard, Paolo Martinez, PEL NYC, Phoebe King, Ricardo Osmondo Francis, Rui Abrunheiro, Shaneen Tyrese, Shoshanna Weinberger, Soo Son, Tarah Douglas, Vaughn Spann, Victoria Udonian, Wolfgang Gil (The Honk Tweet), Yvette Molina and More.

(110) Ryarmo Photography Studio | CITYWIDE EXCURSIONS
74 MLK Jr Drive, Newark, NJ 07104
Sunday, October 7th, 12PM – 7PM
Ryan Arnez Monroe, Owner/Creative Director of RyArMo Photography Studio, is a Newark based photographer with nine years of experience photographing, editing/retouching digital images and creating high quality work for a diverse client base. RyArMo Photography Studio has a dual program, which specializes in commercial use (events & weddings) and community education. RyArMo Photography Studio is an educational resource and a creative haven for all things photography.

53 New Street, 3rd Floor. Newark, NJ 07102
Sunday, October 7th, 4 – 10PM
Another installment of our …in the #LoveDimension recording series #in360, featuring Vandalhaus co-creators Ole Lie Vandal & S.H.E.W.H.O? Our 24/7 livestream featuring local music + arts + culture will be on display, or tune in online at

Supported in part by a grant from NJ Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.

Supported in part by a grant from NJ Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.

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